The Danger Of Your Cat Biting Your Feet

Cats can be playful and charming creatures to have in your home, but they can also cause a lot of damage with unwanted behaviors. One common problem pet owners experience is cats deciding that their pet parent's moving feet are a target to be bitten and scratched. While this may seem like a momentary inconvenience and a bit of discomfort, it can actually cause a lot of serious health problems. If your cat is attacking your feet on a regular basis, read on to learn what you must do to protect your health.

Risk of Infection

The danger that comes with a cat attacking your feet is the bacteria that they carry in their mouths and on their claws. A cat has a multitude of bacteria in their mouths that can cause serious infection. In fact, one study found that 1 out of 3 people who suffered from cat bites ended up being hospitalized. Cat bites can penetrate through the skin and into the muscle or joint tissue, injecting highly dangerous bacteria deep into the body. Cat claws also carry whatever the cat has been walking on or in, including kitty litter and excrement, so even if your cat isn't biting, they could still hurt you with their claws.

Stop the Behavior

The first thing you need to do is to stop your cat from attacking your feet. The easiest way to do this is to wear slippers or shoes indoors. Even if your cat continues to attack, your footwear will protect your feet from being harmed. However, nipping the behavior in the bud is also a good idea.

Cats don't respond well to being yelled at or scolded, so one good idea is to carry a water spray bottle with you. When you see your cat getting ready to pounce your feet, give them a spritz. You can also do it while they're attacking your feet. The water spray won't harm them, but it will deliver a shocking sensation that will discourage your cat from performing this behavior again.

See a Professional

If your cat has recently attacked your feet, it's imperative that you see a professional. While you might shrug off the pain of the attack, it's possible that an infection is already starting deep inside your feet.

The best decision you can make is to see a podiatrist for medical assistance. Podiatrists are specially trained in treating feet medically and will be able to determine if your feet are currently infected. If an infection is found, they'll be able to stop it in its tracks by treating the wound and prescribing antibiotics to help your immune system kill the bacteria.

Having a playful cat is usually a delight, but it's important to keep your cat from harming you. If your feet are cut, bitten, or punctured by your cat's teeth or claws, seek medical help from a podiatrist right away to prevent infection and joint damage. Visit websites like to learn more about working with a podiatrist.