3 Easy Ways To Make Your Heel Feel Better At Home

If your heel is hurting due to an injury, there are a few ways that you can make it feel better all on your own at home without going into the doctor. Here are a few things that you can do until you make it to the doctor's office to get the heel pain more officially treated.

#1 Ice Your Foot

Ice is great for sore muscles and injuries, including on your foot. It may be difficult to put an ice pack on your foot. Instead, take a small bowl or flat pan and fill it up with cold water. Then add a bunch of ice to the cold water. Put your ice in the cold water and allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes. This is an ice bath. An ice bath can be a very effective way to relax your foot and ease your pain. It may not get rid of whatever condition is causing your foot to hurt, but it may help ease the pain a little bit.

#2 Heat It Up

Ice and heat work really well together. If your foot is hurting, you can also heat it up. A great way to heat the heel of your foot is to take one of those little hand warmers that they sell on the market, and put it inside your sock where your heel is at. This is a great way to put some direct heat right on your heal. If the heat is a little too much, put on a pair of socks, but the hand warmer in place, and put on another pair of socks. This will make the heat be a little bit more indirect.

You can also put your feet in a bowl of nice, warm water. Put a little Epson salt in the warm water to make the experience more relaxing for both of your feet.

#3 Elevate Your Feet

Sometimes, you just need to get off your feet and give them a little rest. When you get home from work for the day, sit down on the couch and put a pillow under your legs so that your feet are elevated. Elevating your feet for a little while and letting them rest can take a lot of pressure off your heel. Do this for the duration of a television show while you relax for a little bit. This is a great way give your feet and your body a little break.