You May Need The Help Of A Foot Doctor To Get Your Foot Fungal Infection Under Control

Fungal infections of the feet are fairly common. Plus, they are highly contagious, so they are easy to catch if you go barefoot in public places. Many times, you can treat a fungal infection with products you buy over the counter. Sometimes, it's necessary to see a foot doctor for treatment. Here's why seeing a foot doctor is often a good idea.

To Keep The Fungal Infection From Spreading

One concern with having a fungal infection between your toes is that the fungus can spread under your toenail. Once that happens, the infection may be difficult to get rid of. If it clears up, it may come back in a few weeks if some of the fungi remain under a toenail. Clearing the infection from under the nail can be hard since topical medications can't reach it. You may end up losing the nail or having it removed by your foot doctor. Treating a fungal infection at the first sign of itching and a rash is important, so it keeps under control. The fungus can even spread to other areas besides your feet if you touch the rash on your toes and then scratch elsewhere on your body.

To Get Relief From Pain And Itching

Foot fungus can be extremely uncomfortable. If you can leave your shoes off and keep your feet dry, you may get some relief. If you have to work on your feet all day and your feet get sweaty, then you may be miserable with the itching and soreness caused by the fungus. If the products you buy over the counter don't help, your podiatrist may need to give you prescription strength ointments or oral medication, so your fungal infection can heal quicker.

To Get Advice On Healing

If you have frequent fungal infections or if you want your current infection to heal up as quickly as possible, then you can get expert advice from your foot doctor. You may be advised on the right shoes and socks to wear, so your feet get air circulation and stay dry. You may be told to use powder between your toes and on the soles of your feet to help with dryness. You might also need to treat your shoes, so you don't keep reinfecting yourself with fungus living in them. Fungi love moist areas, which is why it thrives on your toes and under your toenails. Keeping your feet as dry as possible and allowing for plenty of air circulation is important for comfort and healing.

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