Are Bunions And Calluses Making You Feel Unattractive? Make Over Your Feet

If the bunions on your toes make you feel uncomfortable about your looks, makeover your feet. Bunions don't just cause pain and irritation when you walk—the growths can also alter your feet. If you have calluses on your bunions, you might feel even more uncomfortable about your toes. Learn more about bunions, calluses, and how making over your feet can help get rid of them.

What Are Bunions and Calluses?

Bunions usually form when the delicate bones in your large and small toes push away out of alignment with the rest of your foot. Over time, the misaligned toes develop a small bump along their sides that gradually alters the appearance of your foot. If the sides of the bunions rub against your shoes, the skin can develop blisters on them. Repeated friction can eventually cause the blisters to harden into tough patches of skin called calluses.

Some people try to buff away their calluses with pumice stones. Although it's okay to buff small calluses, it may not be something you want to do in your case. Calluses can become irritated or infected if you open them up. The pumice stones may also irritate your bunions or cause unnecessary pressure on them. 

If you see a podiatrist, you can treat your calluses and bunions safely.

How Do You Make Over Your Feet?

A podiatrist can remove the hard skin from your bunions with special pumice tools. A foot doctor may also shave down the calluses so that they don't appear as prominent as they do now. If necessary, a podiatrist may dissolve the calluses to get rid of them.

After a doctor treats your hard calluses, they may makeover your toes with bunion surgery. Bunion surgery not only removes the bony growths along the sides of your toes, but can cosmetically realign your the bones in your feet. Some cosmetic toe surgeries also restructure the skin around your toes. The skin can stretch if it remains in an abnormal position for a long period of time. 

A podiatrist may instruct you how to care for your toes and feet after surgery. Your post-surgery instructions may include a guide on how to choose the right type of shoes to wear to work or when you exercise. You may also receive a list of foods to eat that encourages good foot health. 

If you have concerns about the calluses and bunions on your toes, contact a podiatrist today.