What Causes Foot Drop And Treatments A Podiatrist Might Use To Help The Condition

Foot drop is a condition where you are unable to lift the front part of your foot when you walk. It can affect one or both feet, and the condition can make it difficult for you to stay mobile. Foot drop can be mild or severe, and it sometimes is caused by an injury that may heal on its own. However, it's good to see a podiatrist for proper care. Here are some causes of foot drop and treatments that your podiatrist might recommend.

What You Need To Know About Ankle Sprains

Turning your ankle during a sporting event or a misstep when walking can result in excruciating pain. When your ankle is rolled or overstretched, it tends to pull the ligaments and cause a sprain. While this injury mainly affects athletes, it can happen to anyone. Understanding ankle sprains will help you know when to call a podiatrist. Here is some basic information on ankle sprains. Types of Ankle Sprains When you pay a visit to a foot doctor, they will run a few tests to determine the type of ankle sprain you have.