Steps To Follow For A Successful Recovery From A Bunion Surgery

A bunion forms when the bones of the big toe are moved out of place and a bony bump develops. While minor bunions can be treated by wearing special shoes or padding the affected area, severe bunions that are causing a lot of pain require surgical removal. If your podiatrist has recommended bunion surgery to correct a severe bunion on one of your feet, it is in your best interest to be prepared.

Tips To Strengthen Your Ankle After A Break

After you've had a broken ankle, it can be easy for your ankle to get injured again. This is because your ankle isn't as strong as it once was. To help you strengthen your ankle after you have had a break, you most likely had some sort of therapy. After that therapy ends, however, your ankle may weaken again because you aren't doing what is necessary to keep it strong. To help strengthen your ankle and prevent it from breaking again, read on for some helpful information.