The Danger Of Your Cat Biting Your Feet

Cats can be playful and charming creatures to have in your home, but they can also cause a lot of damage with unwanted behaviors. One common problem pet owners experience is cats deciding that their pet parent's moving feet are a target to be bitten and scratched. While this may seem like a momentary inconvenience and a bit of discomfort, it can actually cause a lot of serious health problems. If your cat is attacking your feet on a regular basis, read on to learn what you must do to protect your health.

Did You Make The Grade? The 3 Grades Of Ankle Sprains

Your ankles are imperative parts of your body's movement, but you probably do not place much importance on this joint. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of abuse over the course of one day just while walking, running, standing, and moving. Due to this, it is easy to see why an estimated 25,000 people sprain their ankles each day. Treating this injury will depend on its severity, which is measured in grades.